So now that brings you here to this junction. Half reading my blog mostly looking through my pictures…skimming the bio. Hand down the pants…I’m not your first site today/night…oh so pathetic and ripe with…potential. I take great pleasure in many fetishes…some for over 15 years. I encourage the growth of my curiosity to discover sadistic ways to display my Dominance.  Some of my interests include: 


  • Impact Play

  • Caning

  • Heavy Tease and Denial

  • Obedience Training

  • Whipping

  • CBT / Ball Busting/Genital Torture

  • Nylon and Stocking Fetish

  • Foot Fetish

  • Human Furniture

  • Semi - Competitive Wrestling

  • Boot/Shoes  Worship

  • Transformations *

  • Humiliation

  • Nipple Torture

  • Latex fetish

  • Inescapable Bondage

  • Race Play

  • Mummification*

  • Full Toilet Training -GS/BS/RS/RO

  • Extended Captivity*

  • Shaving / Wax

  • Beat Downs/ Excessive Beatings

  • Electrical Play and Torture

  • Female Slave Training

  • Percussion Play

  • Clothespin Torture

  • Human Doormat/Rug

  • Puppy & Pony Play

  • Feminization/Sissification

  • Bondage

  • Needle Play

  • Forced Feeding/Food Play

  • D/s Psychodramas - Boss/Secretary, Cop/Prisoner, Nurse/Patient etc.

  • Couples Submission

  • Objectification

  • Blackmail, Interrogation, Kidnapping Scenes

  • Adult Baby Play

  • Imprisonment Role Play

  • Abandonment Torture

  • Edge Play

  • Medical Edge Play

  • Over The Knee Spanking

  • Verbal Humiliation

  • Financial Domination

  • Human Ashtray/Smoking Torture (cigars and cigarettes)

  • Sensory Deprivation

  • Extended Sessions

  • Sensual Wrestling

  • Leather fetish


*For extended sessions only

**Slave girl domination available

***Double Domme sessions available

I am a Lifestyle Mistress as well as a Professional Dominatrix, and always expect intelligent, gentlemanly, discerning, and eager submissives. This is your opportunity. Come and kneel at My alter and prostrate yourself for My amusement. This experience is what you make it and I deserve the best. I will guide you toward the exploration of your submission and if you feel that you are merely kinky I will show you how deep that hole can go. .