How do I reach you? Should I call or text? I can't receive text messages how should I proceed Mistress? What should I write to you?


you may reach Me via phone. However, note that if you call Me I will return your

correspondence within 24 hours via phone or text. If you can not text you need to note

that in the inquiry form. HERE


  • Direct at 917.524.7544

  • Niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 Ext: 9678013Other phone session options available.


you may reach Me via email:


Myrina@MistressMyrina.com or for Tributes via GW myrinadouleur@gmail.com


Text to 917.524.7544 or SECONDARY # HERE


you may follow and contact Me Social Media:


Twitter: @mistressmyrina




you may contact Me via Webchat:


Non Studio in NYC, The Chicago Studio in Chicago and of course My studio Fetiche Haus Milwaukee.


Do you only dominate men? Can I bring my girlfriend/boyfriend?


Domination is not gender specific. I love to dominate women although I don’t get to as often as I like. Yes, you may bring your significant other. It will be considered a couples session whether they participate or spectate as a voyeur. Additional Tribute is required. Note that you would like a couples session on your inquiry form.


Can I bring something to wear/play with?

Yes you may bring any clothing items or toys you might like. Perhaps you have invested in your own toys, bring them W/we will play with them. I do have many things to play with so while it is not necessary it is an option.

Can I be in your videos? Photoshoots?

Any slaves/subs interested shooting with Me must send me an email with 3 photos 2 should be full body and one of your face. You may wear a mask if desired however it is not preferred. Be prepared to truly be pushed. I have been getting many requests for clips. You may also send me ideas and tell me what you might like to see. What do you want Me to do to the pathetic little sub? Tell me what kinks are on your mind. Unlike most Pro Dommes I do want to know more about you and your fantasies. I would like My video series to reflect the fetishes we both enjoy.

Just Breathe.

When you contact Me, be brief. My time is more valuable than yours. I receive 100's of calls, emails, messages and inquiries each day. Be mindful of the fact that you get to speak directly to Me. Completing the inquire form is the best way to get My attention. I will contact you within 24 hours. If you urgently wish to speak to Me or discuss your fetishes at length you may call My Niteflirt line for an immediate response.



How do I contact you?

Do I get to speak to you directly?

I alone answer all of My correspondence. If you call and don't get through I am probably in session. I WILL NOT take calls in session. If I have a slave in extended bondage or sensory deprivation then I may text if I desire. When I spend time with you...you would not want Me to break the scene to answer a call etc. So just stop with the pissy behavior and pretend to act your age and not your shoe size. Sometime I don't feel like talking or I am resting. Deal with it...those who truly desire to reach Me always do. They will call and then text or email and W/we move forward. Most of you are time wasters and I would rather give My time to those who desire it strongly as those are the slaves and subs who are most dedicated. As a Superior Mistress I deserve your devotion and will cultivate and guide you in your submission.

I want to have a more interactive experience with you and look forward to reading your email and answering your questions. When you call and/or email/text Me know that I am personally answering you and at times am inundated with calls/emails. Be patient and wait for your Mistress to get to you (usually within 24 hours again email is most likely the best option). Now, when I do respond, DO NOT WASTE MY TIME as it is valuable. I expect you to be ready to chat briefly about your fetish interests and schedule a phone/web/real-time session with me. If you would like your Mistress to have a longer conversation then we can arrange a time for a phone session. You can either call Me on Niteflirt  or directly Tribute your Mistress.


I'm really nervous...what should I expect? Is this type of play safe?

I know you are scared to pick up the phone and actually call Me. Just terrified to send a text or email...that is ok. It is normal to be apprehensive about something new. Quite a bit nervous to actually meet in person. I always offer to spend some down time with you either before the session in a "Kneel and Greet" where W/we meet for drinks or coffee. I always do a pre-session negotiation so you are aware of the basic protocol/signals. This is your opportunity to impress Me. Bring a token of your submission, usually a small gift or gift card and spend some time with your Mistress. I am REAL and the sessions I chose must be mutually gratifying. Always conduct yourself in a respectful manner and you will find that I quite enjoy getting to know more about My submissives. A phone or webcam session is always good for any pre-session questions/scenarios you might like to discuss in depth. I receive quite a bit of phone calls most of which have no intention of ever meeting. I am REAL and I DO NOT WANT MY TIME WASTED. So if you really don't want to meet (because you're a scared little bitch) but would prefer to chat that is what My Niteflirt line is for. Otherwise call with your fetish interests, and the date and time you are available.


I enjoy what I do but will always indulge safely. I wear gloves for this reason as well as put barriers on all toys. For advanced play (such as electro, sounds, catheters and needles) electrodes are disinfected with hospital grade germicide. Sounds, catheters and needles are sterilized. I use universal practices and maintain a sterile field. All of what I do comes from engaging in safe, sane, and consensual play. Safety precautions are mandatory. That goes whether you are playing with Me or anyone else. If a Mistress doesn't care about her own health she will not care about yours.


Being dungeon trained I have always ensured that all toys and items are cleaned and ready for use. I had a sub ask Me once if My toys were clean. I mean really?? Who the hell have you guys been playing with...I hear all the horror stories. There is a good subset of women who get into domination sheerly for the payday. In truth they would be better off doing something else. There is exceptional investment into wardrobe and equipment as well as training. If you are perusing Back Page or Eros you will see many options to choose from...make a concerted effort to scrutinize who you are about to give your body to. There are many Dommes out there now. Many outstanding and strong women who I interact with. As well as those who are full of shit and are masquerading bottom feeders. your choice is simple. BDSM is not a matter of your pathetic dick. There are many different reasons that you desire My attention but as I have been told many times...I am different. Come to Me and submit properly, let go of your fears and inhibitions. Come to Me and kneel. For a short time you will be free of your vanilla life. Trade the binds that hold you for something I can lock you in. Be free to be and do as your hedonistic flesh desires.


I try to be as real as I can with you and create a personalized sessions that evoke your senses and open your mind. I do not like to plan out My sessions but do enjoy an organic interaction. Some of you are so nervous you can’t think straight, while others are seasoned slaves who know exactly what to do...either way I will guide you on your path to submission in the dark, kinky places in your mind. No matter what your fetish is I enjoy them all because whether I am being playful, giving you a sensual touch or caning you while in bondage I love the control I have over you.


Can I have sex with you?

I engage in consensual BDSM/FETISH ACTIVITIES ONLY. Do not ask for anything more. Know this: you are NOT WORTHY of my body in any way...to simply be near me is a privilege and to obey me a reward. Do not contact Me for sex. I am not an escort or prostitute. I don't knock those who are it is simply not something I do personally. If you are looking for sex you won't find it here. The fact that you are in the domination section of looking for sex clearly states that you are inept and can not follow instructions. A REAL Dominatrix does not offer sexual services . Do not insult Me or embarrass yourself by asking. There are many women who offer sex go find one.


What do you allow in session release wise? How do I address you?


In our sessions dependent upon your experience I will teach you protocol and I will do to you whatever I please. When you tell Me your fetishes you are simply requesting that I cater to them. I may cater to some of your fetishes but play for Me must be gratifying and I must enjoy My time with you. For this reason I am very selective in who I play with and what fetishes I engage in. When W/we have our session I'm sure you will be rock hard as you gaze upon My pulchritude. you will be overwhelmed with the ease of control I maintain while teasing you the entire time. Whether you are about to be queened or whipped you will be ready for a release. The question is will I allow you to have one. Sometime I do...I like to watch you explode you I can make you lick it up. Sometime I won't allow you a release. It is a privilege and it's one you must earn. Obey and be rewarded you may address Me as Mistress, Master, Queen, Goddess or any other exalted exalted title befitting a Domme of My caliber. Make no mistake I am a Feminist, and Female Supremacist and a Fetishist. I do not hate men, but I know I was born Superior. I will use your body and mind as a medium to create in My world. This is why I require you to divulge as much information about yourself as possible. It requires trust to play and engage in true BDSM. I am your Dominant. I lead you follow. Place your trust in Me and enhance your otherwise boring, mundane, vanilla existence. Are you really living life to your fullest or vicariously through those with the courage to? Are you a pathetic spineless individual who can't muster up the strength to live a full life, and never call because you are too scared. I'm glad. I don't want to see you if you can't stay in the moment. For the rest of you come and submit to your Mistress. Aren't you ready?


How long have you trained? What training did you receive?


I have controlled the males species since the playground, and I’ve worked professionally Dominatrix since 2010 as well as a fetish model since 2012 (Although I have focused on the former more than the latter). During the first two years of My professional journey I worked in a commercial dungeon, training with other notable Mistresses. Aside from living this lifestyle as a lifestyle Mistress, I’ve actively educated myself on the topics reading voraciously about BDSM as well as attending classes at notable Fetish establishments, attending educational conventions and live demonstration events. you are in skilled hands. I have an insatiable desire for this life I live and you will come to know that when you find yourself on your knees in front of Me.


What is your rate/donation/Tribute?


I prefer to use Fetish/BDSM vernacular. In the BDSM world your payment for My time is a Tribute. Some fetishes can only be engaged in during an extended session. I often have specials so that those with lesser means may engage in fetish in My world

Tributes vary per your fetishes so you will need to contact Me and ascertain when you are available and what your fetishes are. It's okay if you are new and really not certain. I will guide you on this path. you simply submit and I will do the rest. you are in capable and experienced hands. I always spend additional time with newbies so you are instructed properly in your role and learn protocol. Also there is a reason it is called a Tribute and not a donation. First of all that is escort talk and I am not an escort. you wish you could have My beautiful curvaceous body. To put your pathetic cock in My body is a thing of dreams not reality. you are not worthy of My body. I don't need you for sex I have many more appealing options. The only way you would see My body is when you are opening your mouth to swallow My champagne.


The definition of the word Tribute is the following:




noun: tribute; plural noun: tributes



an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.


So the difference is substantial if you have any grey matter at all. Save the donations for the Salvation Army. There is nothing you provide that I don't already have. you Tribute for My time because I am a Superior Mistress and you must show your gratitude, respect, and admiration. I am a practitioner of BDSM. I left corporate America for this. you are dealing with a skilled and highly intelligent Mistress so let's try not to insult My aforementioned intelligence with your actions or words. you will be held accountable.


Is Your Tribute negotiable Mistress? I may not be able to afford a session, how else can I submit to you?


My Tribute is the culmination of the time spent, as well as the investment into creating and offering BDSM services to the general public. When you Tribute Me you must sacrifice and show your commitment and devotion. It is not simply handing Me money or gift cards but a deeper submission. To give Me your hard earned money not only because I am a very special Woman who deserves to be treated well, but also because as a Mistress My efforts are great in helping you discover your true nature.  Attempting to haggle with Me shows you do not respect My efforts, the value of My work, investment or My time.

There is always more than one way to skin a cat. I have several options I offer should you not be able to afford a private session. I enjoy what I do. I live for BDSM it is My life's blood and there is nothing else I desire to do more strongly. Due to this ideology, I don't feel it should have the exclusivity to be only for those of means. BDSM is for everyone. If you don't have the money for a session then you will have to serve hard as one of My minions (should you be so lucky). I also accept partial Tribute/Service as an option. Keep in mind I do offer specials. you must check My social media and site as they are posted randomly. Communicate your needs and as a true Dominant I will rise to meet them and structure your service to Me. Give your pathetic existence meaning and serve Mistress Myrina Douleur.

Are you also a lifestyle Mistress? How can I serve you? Can I be your personal slave?


I want to take a moment impress upon you My strong desire to explore your submission. I am a Pro-Domme and Lifestyle Mistress so your growth as a submissive is important to me. I will push your limits and engage your senses. Otherwise, I see no need in aimless sessions to no end but the perfunctory motions of the activity. BDSM is a creative medium in which to evolve. I expect your complete obedience and willingness to please your Mistress. I now have a dedicated location in Midtown and I hope to see all those who could not previously session. Come to me and submit. I am looking to see some of my faithful slaves but also those who wish to explore this lifestyle. I enjoy playing with newbies and setting the bar high for your BDSM experience. As for becoming my personal slave as so many of you ask, it all starts with a session. Honor Me and please Me perhaps I will consider your servitude. Quite frankly most of you are not up to the task, I still hope one or two of you will prove me wrong.


I think in NYC where I am based there are so many Dommes to serve and many only masquerading as such that it becomes difficult to discern who is truly authentic. This is true in many places I travel not just NYC. As well as there being minimal to no REAL Dominatrices in an area overrun by prostitutes. My focus is to always have a real interaction. To always be true to the practice of BDSM and living an alternative lifestyle. I only want to interact with those who truly desire to serve Me so it is fine that I travel to find those unique individuals to be My loyal minions. As I continue to perfect My craft I will always desire to abuse you and make you Mine.


If you are not useful to Me whatever is the point? I have several positions LINK HERE available for you to show your devotion to Me. Make yourself useful. I am always looking for a few good slaves. If you can not serve Me because you want ______, what is the point? If you think you are here for Me to cater to your pathetic cock and tease you, kill yourself. you are here to serve Me. you should be lucky a woman like Me even wants go be entertained by the likes of you. W/we are not equals. you are in My world and I reign Supreme. I am determined to ensure that I have a solid stable of slaves, sluts and minions who are truly dedicated to My endeavors. This is the line drawn in the sand. It is time for My lifestyle slaves and the many RT slaves who session, you will find that you will need to truly impress Me to engage My time. Anything I set out to do with diligence I always succeed. It was the same during My schooling, in the boardroom at several Fortune 500 companies, or giving in to My true nature and becoming a Professional Dominatrix.

Expect Me to be selective, expect Me to take a genuine interest in our interactions. This is what you make it and we go as far as your fantasies can reach. I realize I have a very different brand of Domination in that I can not do this if I am not connected to you. It doesn't feel good...so in our sessions you will always be given the gift of My focused attention trained expertly on you.


At present I am looking for lifestyle slaves in Milwaukee and NYC who are single and have a vehicle. If you are not single you will need to have good availability. you will need to have an open schedule outside of your work and be devoted to serving My dungeon and the visiting Mistresses.  


If interested email Me ASAP with the following:


Town/Location/Make and model of car

Skills - Any...what do you do and how can you be of use to your Mistress

In great detail tell Me why you want to serve, How you plan to do so, and your fetishes/hardlimits


Think you can handle that? Show Me you are not completely inept....

How can I send a deposit? What if I have to cancel?

There are many methods in which you may Tribute or send a deposit to secure your session. The most common is Google Wallet send to My email at myrinadouleur@gmail.com you may aIso give an Amazon giftcard at My request as well as utilize Greendot Money pak and Western Union. In addition I accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club. you may also Tribute for your session in any of these forms.

I give My time to those who deserve it. If you book a session with Me you are obligated to keep it. Majority of the time as a new submissive you will be required to Tribute a deposit. This is to ensure your commitment to My time. I put a great effort to show up in front of you in full Domme regalia so I expect you to put in an effort to secure your session on My calendar. If you are no show kill yourself, you are dead to Me. I was in the corporate world for quite a while, long enough to be the youngest executive on staff at a few Fortune 500 companies. The one thing you do NOT do is waste someone's time. you WILL respect Me and My time. I don't need your pathetic excuses either keep them to yourself...


Do you have your own space?

I do have My own space that is due to open to the public in the Summer of 2015 in Milwaukee, WI. The Fetiche Hause is located in the Bayview area. I chose Milwaukee due to a slave who brought Me there and as a way to bring true domination to an under serviced area. There are many kinky people in the Midwest and I am preparing to give them the same caliber of scene W/we enjoy in NYC.

In NYC I session in an Ebony owned and Mistress run studio in Midtown Manhattan.


Do you do outcalls?

Yes I do do outcall sessions. A mandatory travel deposit is required. No exceptions. Contact Me for outcall logistics.

I live far from NYC and cities you travel to. How can I serve you? Do you have a wishlist?

You pathetic bitches desire My time and unlike most Dommes I don't charge you per conversation. I do enjoy phone and web sessions but I give of Myself and My time freely. However, know that your Superior Mistress should always be thought of in high esteem and in that fashion you should willingly give tokens of your submission. This is my lifestyle I am not a Domme who needs or wants to do anything else. My focus is on you thus your focus should be only My happiness and well being.

I do offer online obedience training via Webcam as well as live sessions where you may Tribute to see a live session in real-time.


Start here http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=wish_list My list can be found by typing in My name Myrina Douleur.


What does _________ mean?


If you are unsure of a particular fetish meaning I suggest you do a Google search prior to contacting Me. I will educate you in proper behavior however, if you can not take the initiative to ascertain what these fetishes are you do not need to attempt any contact with Me. To serve Me takes sacrifice and devotion. Whether I have you for an hour session or for a day of service you must always desire to embody BDSM, meaning you must really desire to learn, and please your Dominant. you must want to explore your fetish interests with fervor and a voracious appetite for kink. I don't do this halfway I give 110% and I expect that effort from you in equal and opposite measures.

What fetishes do you cater to? What are you favorite kinks? Specialties?

You may find a list of fetishes HERE

While I enjoy true pain sluts who really enjoy impact play (whips, floggers, canes, paddles etc.), I also enjoy the sensual side or Domination. I am a true Amazon Domme and of the 5 archetypes the Amazon is the most extreme. The slave of an amazon is more of a pain slut because he is truly an alpha type that is constantly admonished and in the end will submit through force of the Mistress' dominant power. While I excel at sensual tease and denial, I also enjoy the more extreme fetishes such as water sports, toilet training, impact play and humiliation/degradation which is true to the Amazon style. I love to use dungeon equipment and nothing makes me happier then to hoist you up an make you nervous. Shift your center of gravity and then torture you until you beg me to stop so I can laugh in your pathetic face.

If I had to say I have a specialization it would be corporal punishment and sissification/feminization. These fetishes intrigue Me most and I enjoy them immensely. The sadist in Me enjoys the harsh manner in which I will abuse you as well has humiliating and degrading you to the point of your demise. I enjoy sissy play in that the creation of an alternate persona that is molded by My hand brings Me a level of great satisfaction.

What type of fetish outfits do you have? Will you wear them for me at my request?

I always wear fetish attire unless O/our session calls for alternative wardrobe options for roleplay. I have leather garments as well as latex. Of course you are welcome to purchase an outfit for Me to wear for your session. you will have the privilege of seeing Me in it first and shining it if its latex.

A wardrobe request is just that a request. While I will attempt to acquiesce your request it is not guaranteed. If I am traveling to your city a request must be made prior to My arrival. I do not pack all of My outfits only those according to My booked sessions. Keep that in mind when you confirm your booking.



What are your measurements? (B – W – H,Height/Weight) Shoe size? Clothing size?

My measurements are 38DD/29/46. I have an hourglass figure for you to worship and wear a size 11 shoe. I stand at 6’1 in heels and 5’8 in My stockings feet. I weigh 185 pounds. All leather and latex should be purchased according to My measurements. I usually wear a Large. If you are not sure you can always send additional tribute or arrange a shopping trip…

Do you do doubles?

Yes. I session with a select elite group of Pro-Dommes around the country. If you desire such a session be sure to note that on your inquire form. I session with My Mistress in Training, Mistress Eos as well as other notable independent Sisters In Dominance at the Parthe