Meet Mistress Myrina Douleur... 


I will always have a deep need to conquer, dominate, be challenged and rise victorious. Repeat. It is in My nature. I am an Amazon, a hardcore player,  and I delight in the power I have over you.  I recognized this influence very early in my youth. Supremacy and creating My world as I see fit became an organic experience. W/we learn O/our places in the world very early on.  Control over the male species, but also the ability to give pleasure, or pain as I choose. To smell the anticipation on your skin. The dripping of your pathetic cock. Sadism. Professional Domination was a welcome development. It taught Me that there was a name for all the perverted things I made men do. I reveled in the thought of its creativity and latent potential; after all it felt completely natural. I trained in one of the premier dungeons in the New York City and there met strong Women who coached and trained Me. Upon leaving to tour the country I relied upon a sharpened sense of Dominance and skill as well as a heighted curiosity for sexual deviance. 


I enjoy erotic spanking and paddling, corporal punishment, CBT, all forms of humiliation, cross-dressing, role-play, verbal humiliation, intense teasing and denial as well as more strict punishments when required. I especially favor impact play and toilet training naughty slaves. As an ex makeup artist I can appreciate the nuances of forced femme/sissification and transformations. I excel at creating elaborate psychodramas: boss/employee, governess/wayward charge, teacher/student, nurse/doctor etc. 


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