So Mistress Myrina's Minions have been restless...I have been getting your texts and emails requesting more of Me. I understand that you adore your Mistress. Book a Session to see me.

Sisters in Dominance

"BDSM is a creative expression that should be cultivated through interaction. Each submissive who falls to their knees in front of Me will each embark on an individual discovery of their inner desires. Come to Me and find REAL Domination. It’s time to open the door to the recesses of your mind and enter a realm where all your deepest, darkest, desires become reality. I have the key…"

About Us

I will always have a deep need to conquer, dominate, be challenged and rise victorious. Repeat. It is in My nature. I am an Amazon, a hardcore player,  and I delight in the power I have over you.  READ MORE>>

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